I’m not much on rear window ethics

It’s official, I’m a Peeping Tom. 

Lat night I was laying in bed feeling extremely self-satisfied, probably unfairly so. I upgraded my RAM, sent some unwieldy peep toe leather heels back to Zappos for a refund, and even managed to abate my arduous black forest into a dainty runway. I was still feeling the buzz of my celebratory margarita(s) and didn’t want to waste it on sleeping. So I roused myself out of bed and lo and behold, I discovered my room has an excellent view to a whole host of windows belonging to the apartment building across the street.

I innocently scanned the scene. I saw some fellow getting his midnight cereal and ganja fix, a sloppy girl giving thanks to the great porcelain god as she bids adieu to her supper, some guy in front of a computer, one hand on the mouse the other on…well all normal occurences for the average college housing unit. Bet then I saw some movement, but it is difficult to make out because the window is cloudy with dirt.

I spied a petite Asian girl with jaw length black hair merrily bouncing away on top of a lover.


At that point, I make the natural choice to pull up a chair and enjoy the show.

You have to understand, I’ve never want to break the law. But sometimes I am simply given no other choice. The eye is drawn to movement, right? I couldn’t help but watch the paroxysmal fits of movement of an anonymous couple in the act. Just like couldn’t help but partake in the forbidden fruit of a sixteen year old football star my senior year of high school. The eye is drawn to muscular machismo and a seven inch penis, right?

It would also be much easier to follow the law if breaking it didn’t feel so damn exhilarating. And you know it does. Even if you’ve never broken the law (and yes underage drinking does count, so there aren’t many of you), you have to admit that being bad feels really quite good, paradoxical as it may be.

I am now a statutory rapist, underage drinker and a voyeur. Perfect. That’s when I notice that the female keeps making these odd lunges forward. But these reaches are not for the John (or shall I say Janguo). Her attention is clearly focused elsewhere.

That’s when I realized elsewhere is another cock.

She is leaning forward to give lip service to another Janguo! This is worth staying up late for. God bless them!

It made me wonder. How exactly does an organic threesome occur? I’m truly thankful I’m not close enough to any girl friends for us both to want to crown the same conquest..at the same time..  So I sit casually munching on wheat thins and guacamole while observing the sacred menage a trois, when things begin to wrap up. And you’d never guess my surprise when the ‘female’ stood up, and commenced to fuck Janguo doggy style.

Oh my.

I wasn’t kidding when I said the window was dirty.

Also in other news my lovely boyfriend is coming to visit! Yay!

Uhh, anyone have an ID I (and/or he) could borrow for Sake bombs? 😉

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4 Responses to I’m not much on rear window ethics

  1. Abhra says:

    How’s that breaking the law?

  2. Abhra says:

    And how’d you find my blog?

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