An Abusive Mother Caught On Camera

Today I had the utter displeasure of seeing this viral video of a young musician being berated by his mother about how ‘worthless’ his passion of music is.

This video is particularly horrifying because most people regard making music as a fantastic hobby to engage in. It’s good for your brain, it can be made into a career, and it’s downright fun. People all over the world get satisfaction from music. If only I had chosen music instead of video games as my hobby of choice when I was a teenager, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been criticized nearly as much by own mother.

But, that brings me to my next point. It doesn’t matter what a child chooses to spend his or her time doing, parents have no right to bully their children into partaking in hobbies they deem ‘worthy’. My mother had no right to ruthlessly criticize me for playing video games after school instead of reading or watching t.v. or doing some other hobby she approved of, because I am my own person. I get to choose what makes me happy, and what hobbies are valuable to me, not her.

The harpy in this video asks him what he has done for society lately. Well, what the hell has she done besides bring strife and insecurity into her own family? I think being civil to your own kin would be a great place to start at improving society, for fuck’s sake. It seems like she’s talking about community service, but that isn’t what her generation did for fun either, so I’m not exactly sure where she is getting this sense of superiority from. Anyways, if someone gets happiness out of volunteering – great for them, but let’s not berate those who choose to do other things that make them happy in their own short time on earth.

She, of course pulls out the ‘my generation > your generation’ card. Yuck! I really feel for this kid, and all people my age watching this should take this as a lesson. I’m sure the children of the future will be interested in things people my age won’t understand or will find downright repulsive. That’s not their fault – it’s ours. So shut the fuck up already, and let your kids spend their time how they see fit.

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6 Responses to An Abusive Mother Caught On Camera

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  2. the twisted spinster says:

    When I saw the link (in the trackback above) at first I thought that it was going to be something about a parent berating a child for playing video games or watching tv (which I have no quarrel with but they are a commonly called “useless activities” by other people). But she’s berating her kid for playing music? I mean what? I mean really wtf? I just– I just– I hope this kid runs away from home, changes his name, does whatever he wants to do (fuck “society”), and his mother never sees her son again.

    Of course, the internet is the best revenge now. Once all you could do was put up with your evil parent until you could escape. Now you can video them without their knowledge and put it on Youtube! Heh heh. 😈

  3. My parents never let me learn to play an instrument, even though I badly wanted to play the violin when I was little, because they said the noise would be obnoxious. I feel for this kid, I decided to take up reading as an alternative hobby, but my mother didn’t care for that one bit because it was “sedentary” and “lonely” and tried to pressure me to enrol in swimming. I’m so glad I stood my ground and didn’t let her take my love of reading away from me.

  4. Tori says:

    This makes me glad I had parents who supported me in my hobbies, even when I chose hobbies they didn’t “get.” For instance, my mom was definitely never one to share my love of sports, she also never complained about the time I spent at practice or at games (so long as my grades stayed good and I got my chores done). And neither Mom or Dad understood why my sister and I fell in love with horses, but ultimately, when we presented a unified, “We want one” request to them, their only response was, “If you can figure out how to pay for it” (which, reasonable, as getting a horse =/= getting a goldfish).

  5. This reminded me of my ex-h who doesn’t approve of our son doing BMX because he considers it an activity for ‘bad street kids’. Luckily he lives a long way from us and has no influence of what happens in our house, so my son gets to take his BMX lessons and loves every minute.

    Strangely, my ex-h has no argument with his mountain biking activity…

  6. Miriam says:

    I definitely struggled with my parents sometimes in terms of hobbies–both ones I wanted to do that they disapproved of, and ones I didn’t want to do that they wanted me to do–but I never experienced anything as awful as this. I hope this guy goes on to be super successful and contributes to society in whichever way he personally wants to.

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