I ended up breaking it off with my boyfriend. I feel quite at peace about it, and ready to begin moving on. I’ve actually felt a very surprising confidence and will to try new things. In a moment of particular courage I decided to contact someone who I had met earlier this year in a veiled attempt at getting a date. Well, we really hit it off and met that night and had a really amazing time.

I’m feeling quite on top of the world, high with the sheer pleasure of wanting something, taking a risk, and getting it. But one of my friends tried  – unsuccessfully – to rain on my parade. He said that I was shamelessly rebounding and seemed desperate.

But what exactly is wrong with rebounding? Dating is fun and a great way to keep my mind off of my ex and onto my future. Meeting new people helps me expand my horizons and dating is a very comfortable way for me to talk to new people. I also think this ‘rebound’ stigma unfairly suggests that I am using my new someone, which is certainly not the case.

I didn’t pick a name out of a hat, I contacted someone I knew I found to be attractive. Assuming things continue, I don’t plan on ending things once I get over my ex. I’m not treating this person as disposable in any way. I enjoy his company and he enjoys mine so I really don’t see the harm.

There is of course the matter that I still have feelings for my ex. Yes, but I don’t plan on having any serious relationships until these feeling are all gone. Right now I want to date freely and have flings. So, I’m not exclusive with anyone, so I’m allowed to have feelings for other people.

Most importantly, I’m not going to lie to anybody. If it comes up, I will happily discuss my last relationship, the reason for our partings, and the reasons I am ready to be dating other people.

I think rebounds have quite an unfair reputation.

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